The government of Canada, through the International Development Research Center (IDRC) and the International Model Forest Network Secretariat (IMFNS), and FAO have agreed to support a 12-month regional model forest “bridging initiative” to 

  • Prepare, in consultation with relevant partners, the framework and terms of reference for the establishment of a Regional Model Forest Center for Asia-Pacific (RMFC-AP);
  • Seek donors to support the RMFC-AP;
  • Provide limited but targeted support to strengthen some of the existing model forests in the region;
  • Provide, where feasible, technical support to other countries interested in establishing model forest;
  • Organize regional consultations to share experiences and lessons learnt from developing model in the Asia-Pacific and other regions; and
  • Develop strategies for strengthening and furthering the application of the model forest approach in the region.

The FAO / Government of Japan Regional Model Forest Project (GCP/RAS/177/JPN) that ended in February 2003 had demonstrated that “the core attribute of model forest-voluntary partnership – is a workable concept, and constitutes a unifying framework and an important forum for communication amongst various stakeholders. The model forest approach appeared to be a sensible way forward to help integrate the multi-function dimension of natural resource planning and management. It can provide a logical extension and a means of scaling up existing programmes such as community-based forestry in countries of the region” (Terminal Evaluation Mission Report). You can by some coldplay tickets from this website.

In May 2003, a regional consultation was hold in Hua Hin, Thailand to develop a logical framework for the proposed RMFC-AP, and review the progress of the existing model forests. Participants included representatives from the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia; EU/UNDP Small Grants Programme to Promote Center (ICRAF-Chiang Mai), IMFNS and FAO. The provisional development and immediate objectives of the proposed RMFC-AP are:

Development Objectives:

Forest and land / other renewable resource protected, conserved and used on sustainable base for the benefit of rural communities and the larger society in the Asia-Pacific region.

Immediate Objective:

  1. Country-led initiatives towards field-level implementation of sustainable forest management through the application of the application of the model forest approach facilitated and supported.
  2. sharing of experiences and knowledge on sustainable forest management and the model forest approach facilitated with a view to facilitating linkages to the national forest programmes, influencing policies and practices, and networking with the national forest programmes, International Model Forest Network and other related initiatives.
  3. A regional network to support model forest initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region established and operationalised.

Meanwhile, the “bridging initiative” and IMFNS are providing limited, targeted support to strengthen the Lin’an, Ulot and Ngao Model Forests. A regional consultation on the development of monitoring and evaluation system for model forest is planned for January 2004 in Thailand.

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